These are scary and uncertain times, but we must continue to use our voices and to listen to our neighbors’ words. By signing this pledge, you’ll become an official member of the Main Street Writers Movement, earning you access to literary community building tools, industry insights, and connections with #mainstreetwriters who are creating new opportunities in their cities. We’ll send you a newsletter once a month with ways to get involved and ideas to make a difference. 

The Main Street Writers Movement urges experienced writers to strengthen the national literary ecosystem through passionate engagement at the local level. Let’s honor and amplify our communities’ underrepresented voices. Let’s buy from local bookstores and small presses. Let’s leave our houses and dance in the streets to the sound of each other’s words.

I pledge . . .
1. To encourage my neighbor writers in the creation of art.
2. To attend local literary events, because gathering to discuss ideas and encourage creativity is an essential and radical act in these times.
3. To support my independent bookstore or, if I don’t have one, order direct from the publisher. 
4. To foster a healthy small press and literary magazine climate by reading new work and submitting my own.
5. To introduce new friends to my core community, allowing us to grow louder and stronger together.
6. To credit writers and presses publicly for their ideas, photos, and efforts, and to be genuine with praise.
7. To celebrate every success in my community as a shared success. This is Main Street. Parades welcome. 
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